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122587-society-BODSaddened by a growing awareness that self-centeredness was increasingly becoming a malady of our present-day society, Olivia Villa-Real founded The Society of Love and Kindness (SoLoKin) on June 17, 1997.  Since then, she has been encouraging her friends, family and students to join the Society whose mission is to spread love and kindness in the world we live in. This is a society that demands nothing of its members. It simply encourages them to do one act of love or kindness everyday. Members do not flash every nugget of love or kindness that they do,; they simply relish the satisfaction of seeing the good results of such action. To a member, it might start with a gesture of kindness or one loving deed each day; but with each passing day, this act becomes a pattern of behavior that forms into a habit that eventually shapes or changes his character.  This exerts a strong influence in the formation of one’s character, especially in our youth of today. She believes that this act of kindness generated by one can have a ripple effect, brightening the life of the recipient of such kindness at least for that day. Consequently, livelier in spirit, this recipient will, in turn, be a generator of love and kindness as well, affecting others positively.  As this process circles around in an area, no matter how small, its magnitude will increase exponentially with the increasing number of people who practice it.

Members may share their work among the other members of the society, to rejoice together in every successful effort or encourage one another in more challenging situations. They may choose to share contact information, and depending on their inclinations, they may choose to have a social gathering every two months to share experiences and to feel camaraderie with one another— all being united in heart for the selflessness of their endeavor.

Come, join our society, and feel a special fellowship that unites us all in spirit as we give of ourselves to others. Relish the quiet joy that springs from the experience of giving love and kindness. This quiet joy calms the spirit and we all need it amid the hustle and bustle of our world today. So, come in and join a society that has nothing at its heart but love and kindness to pass around.  Olivia Villa-Real says, “As we move around in our society from day to day, if each one of us can make another person feel special through one touch of love or kindness, how much happier can this world be?  If we can be more other-centered than self-centered, there would be less greed and, therefore, less fighting in the world . We bring forth happier children because they are nurtured in an environment of love, peace and harmony.”

Anyone can post their comments, messages, ideas and experiences in their day-to-day journey of spreading love, and healing wounds of the heart or of the spirit. They can also respond to any posts they have read. Our yearly Plan of Action will also be decided by the members whereby the Society will carry out a major philanthropic action for the year to donate efforts or funds to the most needy. 5% of all earnings in all of Olivia’s websites will be donated for this purpose.
There is also a yearly “get together” where we can all support one another, share our experiences and celebrate the results of our efforts.

Note: All group activities have been shifted to virtual participation for the protection of our members. We have opened a “Society of Love and Kindness” Page on Facebook. Please make sure to join us to continue our dedication to our life’s purpose of spreading Love and Kindness to the world. God bless you all!

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Thank you for joining! We welcome you to our special family where the spirits of love and kindness bind us together.

May God bless you all!

The SoLoKin Team

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