The Velvet Thorn by Olivia Villa-Real

A literary novel involving three unforgettable characters who converge in a love triangle, creating a web of human emotion that fills the story with human drama. Available in Hard Cover, Soft Cover and Digital versions at, and Hard copies are also available on this website.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One
The World of the Mystic

Chapter Two
Struggle for Life

Chapter Three

Chapter Four
Splinters of the Heart

Chapter Five
The Confession

Chapter Six
The Blossoming of Friendship

Chapter Seven
Mangled Hopes

Chapter Eight
The Gift of Life

Chapter Nine
The Dawning of Intimacy

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve
A Dewdrop on the Desert

Chapter Thirteen
In Quiet Bondage

Chapter Fourteen
Mercurial Moods

Chapter Fifteen
Fingers of Fate

Chapter Sixteen
Borrowed Moments of Joy

Chapter Seventeen
Pride and Passion

Chapter Eighteen
The Twilight of Love

Chapter Nineteen
Glow Forever, Ember

Chapter Twenty
There’s No Turning Back

Chapter Twenty-one
Emotional Roller Coaster

Chapter Twenty-two
Comfort Zone

Chapter Twenty-three
Look Homeward, Angel

Chapter Twenty-four
Glitters on a Faded Carpet

Chapter Twenty-five
Vestiges of the Past

Chapter Twenty-six
The Crossroad

Chapter Twenty-seven
Tender Impasse

Chapter Twenty-eight
The Last Cup

Chapter Twenty-nine
The Untrodden Path

Chapter Thirty
The Towering Inferno

Chapter Thirty-one
The Grapes of Agony

Chapter Thirty-two
Black Veil over Tinseled Lights

Chapter Thirty-three
The Foreboding

Chapter Thirty-four
Gone with the Wind

Chapter Thirty-five
Mystic Deliverance

Chapter Thirty-six
Sublimity and Ecstasy

Chapter Thirty-seven
First Rainbow of Spring

Murm’rings of the Heart by Olivia Villa-Real

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A Collection of Poetry and Song Written to Inspire by Olivia Villa-Real. Published and Released: December, 2015.